The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department needs your help to find the subject in the pictures shown. The Criminal Investigation Department needs his assistance to gain vital information for an ongoing case involving a stolen catalytic converter. 

According to the police summary on Facebook, an unknown suspect cut off and stole the catalytic converter off a victims 2003 Ford F350 truck. The suspect appears to be a tall white male who at the time of the crime was wearing dark-colored pants with a big Nike emblem, a gray and black long-sleeved shirt, baseball cap, black mask and sneakers.  He was driving a red extended cab Dodge Ram that looked to be a 2006-2009 model. The truck is missing a front and back license plate and also has noticeable damage on the fender.

If you can help identify this person or vehicle please contact us at (903-798-3130 or Detective Jason White at (903)-798-3154.

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