Class is now back in session at schools on both sides of Texarkana. Arkansas police urge you to drive carefully in and around the school zones throughout the day.

The department put out this reminder on their Facebook page:

With the 2018-2019 school year already here, we want to remind you that the speed limit in school zones decrease during active school hours. Most school zones are clearly posted with signs that indicate a school zone is in effect when children are present.

Sometimes it is not clear to motorists when these zones are enforced by law enforcement officers. A good rule to remember is an hour prior to school beginning and an hour after school lets out. Why the whole hour? The signs... posted usually say "when children are present". Children start walking to school early and buses start running early based on the routes. School may start late due to weather or let out early due to in service or testing schedules. Same applies after school, it takes a while to get the kids off campus and home. The purpose is to get kids to school and home safely, so please be aware when you’re driving of your surroundings.

Ask yourself, are kids walking? Are kids present, in cars, on buses, on foot, riding a bicycle? Most people know where the schools are located in their neighborhoods, some may forget the private schools in Texarkana. Trinity Christian School clearly has school zone signs posted on Four States Parkway. Be aware most of these children are riding to and from school in private vehicles and often may be on foot after school in the area.

The school zones around Trinity are enforced from 730 am until 815 am and 245 pm until 330 pm. These times can change based on schedule changes, so be aware of high traffic volumes in the area. Let's be safe and have a great school year!


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