This week a Texarkana family lost their home and everything in it. Help us help them!

Imagine the stresses and sacrifices that accompany school clothes shopping. Now imagine it all going up in smoke less than two weeks later. On Tuesday, August 29th, Timellia King and her family lost everything they had in their apartment, located at 2605 Kennedy Lane. With the exception of the clothes on their backs and the children's school supplies, Timellia is literally starting all over again.

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet her on yesterday via a mutual friend. She's such a beautiful soul, and I want to help her and her family.  And I'm asking for your help to be a blessing. We can never replace what was lost, but we can definitely make life a little easier for her family. Below is a list of items needed for the family:

Guy's pants - Size 40 & Size 36

Guy's shirts - Size L & XL

Guys shoes - Size 11 & 12

Guy's underwear

Guy's socks


Women's shirt - L

Women's pants - 11/12

Dress - 11-12

Women's Shoe - 9

Feminine products





Pots, pans, etc

Cooking utensils

If you would like to donate contact. me at 870-772-3771 Ext 127 OR Sonja Oliver at 903-691-8497. Thanks in advance!




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