Calling in a fake bomb threat is never a good idea. Texarkana Texas Police need your help in locating a man accused of doing just that.

Back on Tuesday, August  17, The Texarkana, Texa Police Department and the Fire Department received a call there was a bomb threat at the Sterno Company on Falvey Avenue.

According to the TTPD's Facebook page:

A man had called 911 and told the dispatcher that he'd overheard four men with backpacks walking through the parking lot saying they were going to put a bomb inside the building.
David Lentz
The police go on to say that during their investigation they found nothing out of the ordinary. To be on the safe side the business was evacuated and the business closed down for the night.
Police were able to determine that there was no "group of men" walking around the business that night. they were also able to find out that the 911 call had come from Deandre Jones, who had just started a new job there a few days before.
He had promised several times to talk with Detective Tabitha Smith but has been a no-show.
Recently, Judge Nancy Talley issued an arrest warrant for Jones for Making a False Alarm or Report. According to police, this is a misdemeanor charge It can only be served in Texas. Police believe he lives in Arkansas. But if you see him on the Texas side of town please call Texarkana Texas Police at (903) 798-3116.
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