The Texarkana Texas Police Department issued a statement on their Facebook page about an incident that took place last Friday night July 27 in Texarkana that the public needs to be aware of.

Last Friday night, a woman noticed a car following her as she left the Central Mall parking lot and became concerned. When she decided to pull into the drive of a nearby hotel, the vehicle pulled up behind her and a hispanic man got out and came up to her door. She said that he told her that he was "Undercover Officer Mantaho" and needed to see her identification. She was immediately suspicious of the man and refused to do more than crack her window a little bit to talk to him. She then demanded that he show her some identification to prove that he was a police officer. He continued to try to convince her to roll down her window and even tried to open the door himself. Wisely, she refused and had already locked all the doors. After a few minutes, he got back into his car and sped away.

The hotel surveillance camera caught it on video. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the licence plate number on the vehicle in question. The police department gave tips on how to handle a situation like this:

 Should you ever find yourself in a situation like this or one where an unmarked vehicle is trying to get you to stop, you should immediately call 9-1-1 and tell them what is going on. If it really is a police officer trying to stop you, then the dispatcher can verify it and will let you know that it is safe to pull over. However, if it turns out that it is not a police officer, they will give you instructions on what to do and immediately send someone to where you're at to find out what's going on.

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