The Texarkana Texas Convention Center has recently added to and upgraded its lighting and sound systems as part of the preparation for hosting an annual religious conference.

The Acts 6:4 Convention attracts more than 1,000 visitors to the community each day and has filled 406 rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn and 300 rooms at other hotels in the area. Area restaurants and shopping centers should anticipate being visited by attendees as meals will not be provided at the conference.

“We are pleased with the work the Jennifer Montoya and the Convention Center staff does to ensure our community benefits from conferences like these. Not only do the visitors significantly impact our economy, but continued upgrades to our convention center will only lead to more business in the future,” said Lisa Thompson, communication and economic development manager. “We are proud of our partners at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center and Hilton Garden Inn, and welcome all those visiting Texarkana, USA for the Acts 6:4 conference.”

The annual conference began on Tuesday, January 2 and will continue until Thursday, January 4 with various services throughout the day.

The Texarkana, Texas Convention Center has secured the conference for 2019.



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