Thirty-two students were recognized as honor graduates by Texas A&M University-Texarkana at the fall 2016 commencement ceremony.

That ceremony was held back in December at the Perot Theatre in downtown Texarkana, Texas.

Students graduating in both August and December participated in the ceremony.

Students who complete a minimum of 45 hours of their bachelor’s degrees at A&M-Texarkana are considered for recognition. Summa cum laude graduates have 3.9-4.0 grade-point averages. Magna cum laude graduates have 3.75-3.89 GPAs, and cum laude graduates have an overall GPA of 3.5-3.74.

The lists are recorded alphabetically by state, county, hometown and name of student.

August 2016

Magna Cum Laude


Little River, Foreman, Jami Gay Thompson


Bowie, Texarkana, Latriesha Lynnette Grandy

Cass, Avinger, Autumn Chere Briggs

Red River, Avery, Byron Keith Minter

Cum Laude


Bowie, Texarkana, Lauren Kay Arnold

Bowie, Texarkana, Daiyonna Michelle Smith

Bowie, Texarkana, Medina Diane Thomas

Bowie, Texarkana, Wachiraya Weerasorn

Bowie, Wake Village, Lindy Elizabeth McCandless

December 2016

Summa Cum Laude


Miller, Texarkana, Sydney Noelle Schoen


Bowie, Texarkana, Jaci Rachelle Roberts

Cass, Atlanta, Gabrielle Elaine Thompson

Magna Cum Laude


Miller, Texarkana, Jay Curtis Budzilowski

Miller, Texarkana, Tony Mark McKnight

Little River, Ashdown, Anthony Marquette Nelson


Bowie, Texarkana, Tyron Hinton

Bowie, Texarkana, Deborah Kay Smith

Camp, Pittsburg, Jesi Heather Buck

Cass, Atlanta, Isabella Marie Sertuche

Red River, Bogota, Kim Marie Lindsey

Cum Laude


Howard, Saratoga, Brandi Kay O’Donnell

Miller, Fouke, Stacy M. Clark

Washington, Fayetteville, Kenneth Scott Hoelscher


Bowie, DeKalb, Madison Nicole Ward

Bowie, Hooks, Alexander Austin Gray

Bowie, Texarkana, Claudia Hannah Gorse

Bowie, Texarkana, Jason Lynn Harris

Bowie, Texarkana, Warisara Weerasorn

Bowie, Texarkana, Ryan Blake Williams

Cass, Texarkana, Christopher Steven Holmes

Cass, Atlanta, Savannah Marie King

Titus, Mount Pleasant, Bethany Joy Zittel

Congratulations to these outstanding graduates.


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