A Texas police officer decided that the law absolutely didn't apply to him.

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, Billy Allen Hammack,41, a former officer of the Katy Police Department, repeatedly stole merchandise from a local Wal-Mart equalling up to $563. Items allegedly stolen include  groceries, school supplies and household goods.


Ok.... So I got questions and I know you do to. So here we go....

Question 1: How did he steal these items? I'm glad you asked. He switched price tags and took items out of the store without scanning at the self-checkout register, according to officials. Bold move!

Question 2: What all did Mr. Officer steal?? Ohhhh just a lil bit of everything like hot pockets, cheese. hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, even a flat iron and microwave. What the what?? A flat iron, dude?

Question 3: How did he get caught? Officer Hammack's lil dirty secret was revealed when an employee.

The police department issued the following statement:

Recently, a former Katy Police Officer was relieved of his duties by Police Chief J.N. Diaz as a result of a criminal investigation. The Katy Police Department presented its facts to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for review. After their review, former Officer Billy Hammack was charged with Misdemeanor Theft By Public Servant for stealing items from a retail store located in the 25100 block of Market Place Dr. in Katy. The former officer was caught on surveillance footage by the retail store’s loss prevention associates committing theft. The associates then contacted Katy Police Department, who launched an investigation, which resulted in the Theft charge.  Hammack was assigned to the Patrol Division and worked for the Department just under three years."

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