The infamous yellow pole at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Summerhill has claimed yet another victim. Well damn.... I was perusing on the Cheers and Jeers Facebook page when I saw  jeers to yellow pole that holds the stop sign in front of the gas pumps at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. I[ve been to that Walmart countless times, but never really paid the knock-out king. So, I decided to very carefully go check out the undefeated champ and see why it's Texarkana's vehicle magnet.

What was once a yellow pole is now almost completely black on one side from it's many victories. It even has a little tilt to it. Yet it still stands and apparently has no plans of retiring anytime soon. I have to admit it is in an awkward spot. Can you imagine how many insurance claims and police reports have been made because of that dang pole?

So what should be done about this one-hitter-quitter A. Reassess it's location & move it B. Paint it red or
C. Decorate it with flashing lights. Check out what Cheers & Jeers had to say below.


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