The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show got to talk to the cast of the Power Rangers today. They joined us in-studio, press play if you missed it. 
We had a successful morning of giving away money with our first $1000 winner since Beat the Bank has returned!

We found some crazies this morning during "Does That Make Me Crazy." One girl loves watching herself cry, another meows at her coworkers.

Plus, Elena Davies joined us in-studio for a dating app update and let us know that her friend has hijacked her Bumble and is determined to get her to go on a real date.

Beat the Bank continues tomorrow with two opportunities to win up to $1000.

Tomorrow is Wednesday so that means Kellie will be ready to offer up all the love advice when we do Love Letters to Kellie.

Jenna got to hang out backstage with Big Sean over the weekend so we'll hear all about that and we'll play another round of Match Game, too.

If you missed the last live show, load it up and listen right now at



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