LaToya Grissom has been missing since September 5th, 2007, and the search for her continues. 

Grissom was 25 years old at the time of her disappearance. She lived at Sunset apartments in Texarkana, Texas with her grandmother and her two children. According to her family, she left home around 3:30 p.m. that day and got into a dark-colored sedan. She hasn't been seen since.

According to True Case Files, LaToya did not tell her grandmother where she was going, but said she would return shortly. Her family reported her missing a few days later. Years passed without a trace of LaToya until 2010 when her purse, flip phone and a few other personal belongings were found around a creek in Texarkana.

KTBS recently conducted an interview with LaToya's grieving mother, Jackie Grissom and her former boyfriend Brandon Holmes. Ms. Grissom tearfully expressed how painful the passed 13 years have been not knowing where her daughter is.

She couldn't have done nothing that bad, that someone would want to do her like that. My life hasn't been the same.

Holmes described LaToya as kind hearted, and feels that someone who knows her in the city knows what happened to her.

It's been 13 or 14 years. Somebody knows something and they can't say they don't. If these officers are not doing what they ought to be doing, which I'm not saying they ain't, they need to dig a little harder.

Investigators suspect foul play, but haven't been able to get hard evidence, a Texarkana Texas Police Department spokesperson, Shawn Vaughn shared with KTBS. However, the case is still open. Holmes has faith that investigators are getting close.

I think they're close though, I hope they are anyway. With the little information I gave, I hope they get close. I hope they catch whoever did or find out wherever she's at, you know.

Any information can help! If you believe you or someone you know has information that can help police solve this case, contact the Texarkana, Texas Police Department at 903-798-3116. This family deserves some closure and some sense of peace.

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