Texarkana Texas Police are busy searching for an armed robber in the Highland Park area of town after pulling off three armed robberies in the last couple of weeks.

A report has been posted on the Texarkana Texas Police Department's Facebook Page that tells us that over the last week, three robberies have been committed against individuals in the Highland Park neighborhood. Police believe that all three crimes have been committed by the same man.

The first happened around 9:30 AM on July 20th; A worker reported sitting in his truck outside a house in the 3800 block of Pine Street when the suspect walked up to him with a gun and demanded his money.

The second was around 4:30 PM on Tuesday, July 26th; The report says the suspect walked into a house where a painter was working in the 700 block of W. 39th. Again, armed with a handgun he demanded the victim's money.

The third was reported a little after 1:00 PM, Thursday, July 27; Again, another worker was taking a break outside a house on which he was working in the 3800 block of Magnolia when the suspect walked up to him.

In all of the above three mentioned cases officers have been pretty close by when those calls came in but were unable to locate the suspect. TTPD thinks he probably lives or regularly visits somewhere close by. Each of the robberies has been committed on foot.

Police say the suspect is a light-skinned black male, approximately 6 feet tall with a large build. At least one of the victims said that he had star tattoos under both eyes.
If you see someone matching this description walking in or around this neighborhood, please call 911 immediately. If you think you might know who it is, please call at 903-798-3116.

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