The Texarkana Texas Police department wants you, to become an officer in their police force. If you are looking for a new career or you have dreams of being a police officer now is the time.

The Texarkana Texas Police department is looking for police officers. Here are the details of the Texarkana Texas Police Officer hiring:

New Texarkana Texas Police officer starts off at $42,222 and will be making $52,530 after five years. If you're already a certified officer, you can also qualify for a $3,000 hiring bonus and lateral entry with up to five years' credit for prior experience.
The department also provides a great benefits package for employees, which includes 120 hours of vacation, 120 hours of sick leave, 20-year TMRS retirement, paid health and dental insurance, 12 paid holidays, and incentive pay. Education incentive pay, shift differential pay, all equipment is furnished.  You will work a12 hour shift.

The following opportunities are available at the Texarkana Texas Police Department.

Uniform Patrol

Criminal Investigation

Problem-Oriented Policing

Neighborhood Area Coordinator

Traffic Enforcement

Crime Prevention





The Texarkana Texas Police department is giving a civil service test on October 9th at 8:00 a.m. If you're interested, you can apply online on their website.

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