It's Monday morning! What a great day to arrest the officers who killed Breonna Taylor over 150 days ago.

Imagine if three unidentified men burst into your home while you were sleeping... Well, Breonna can't imagine because she's dead. It’s been 150 days since Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep at her apartment by Louisville Metro Police Department officers, Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove—and her killers have not been charged nor has the judge who ordered a no-knock warrant been disbarred.

On March 13, 2020, Breonna was shot and killed by Louisville police officers during a "no-knock warrant" raid. In the months since, just one of the three officers involved—Brett Hankison—has been fired. However, neither, he nor the two other officers, have been arrested or charged in her death.

The truth of the matter is Breonna's death was quietly swept under the rug until social media learned of her story. At the point she became all of our daughters, nieces,little sisters, cousin, etc.

Check out the timeline below blow-by-blow details of the murder and case of Breonna Taylor. Some of the details may shock you.


The Jefferson County coroner told The Courier Journal that Ms. Taylor most likely died less than a minute after she was shot and could not have been saved. She never had a chance.

Since the murder, there have been countless protests and demonstrations demanding justice for Breonna Tayler. There have even been some celebrity arrests made during such acts. Say what you will about Oprah, but she made a big statement by not only covering the story, but giving Breonna the cover of the September edition of "O Magazine". She further amplified the Breonna Taylor's story and the fight for justice in her name by erecting 26 billboards of the cover across her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, beginning Thursday, August 6. Each billboard—one for each year of her life.

Ms. Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, said her daughter had had big dreams and planned a lifelong career in health care after serving as an E.M.T. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice. We're going to stay loud, keep demanding justice for Breonna and her family, and SAY HER NAME.


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