Part-time Justin brought in something Wednesday he thought was delicious, Jenna not so much.


Official Kidd Nation DJ Bruce Silver joined the show this morning to Flush the Format for us. That how you start off a Friday!

We gave away a Nintendo Switch on Friday and got a baby goat in return! We also ended our Trip A Day contest on a big note by sending Holly on a trip for four to Florida!

Elena and Caroline were in studio sharing the details on their new podcast, Two Peas in a Podcast! You can check out all of the support staff's podcasts on!


We still have 3 Nintendo Switches to give away, but we want something from you, first. Tell us what you would be willing to switch with us to get your hands on the hottest gaming console.

When is Beat the Bank coming back? We will let you know on Monday.

Love Letters to Kellie is right around the corner so be sure to submit your love letter on!

If you missed the last live show, load it up and listen right now at



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