Xscape came to Shreveport this weekend and they were good. Okay, there were better than good. They were sing out loud on Snapchat karaoke style, stand up and twerk a little bit, edge control making your face greasy, wig-snatching good.

I will be the first the admit, when my line sister Jasmine (skee-wee) called me and asked if I want to go to the Xscape reunion tour concert, I only agreed because of Monica and TamarXscape is iconic, but after that BET performance, I wasn't sure if I wanted to drop coins to sit through them trying to 'get that old thing back.'
Still, I prepared myself. I started searching for an outfit. I contacted my beautician and requested a new wig, partially because you don't go to Xscape with an old wig, but mostly because my closure from my sew-in had migrated to the back of my head.
I made my appointment for my nails. And I began creating a playlist of Xscape, Monica, and Tamar Braxton's greatest hits. If I was dropping bread, I was going to know all the songs like I wrote them myself.
So of course for this concert, I wanted to look fly. A) It was going to be full of "Aunties" in fur, leather, and sequins (including my own). B) @JaeSoFamous doesn't go anywhere half stepping (check my Instagram for confirmation).
Yet, like Murphy's law, everything that could go wrong did. My beautician was not done with my wig in time, the outfit I ordered looked better on the girl online, and the place I wanted to get full-set from tried to charge me $50...for a full set. SLEEP.
But like rubberball in the middle of the jacks game, I bounce back. I picked up something slight to wear from Forever, threw on some press-ons and used a YouTube tutorial to shake back one of my old faithful wigs. Little did I know that wig, would not make it through the concert.
Now I won't show you a before picture because I was not 100% satisfied with my outfit, but I will show you this after. 

WIG SNATCHED do you hear me?

Unfortunately, all of my Snapchat videos expired before I could save them, which may have been a result of a vodka and sprite combination from that night, but luckily Josh (@JSmoothPhotogrpahy) was able to get up close and personal.

Here are some shots from the show.