Do you know what the most famous band is from Arkansas

From an early age, music was always a big part of my childhood. From the 70s sounds of the Village People to the 80s sounds of Prince and Journey my musical upbringing was very diverse. If I had to choose my favorite band growing up it had to be Van Halen. From the early sounds of Jump to the Van Hagar years with the album 5150, they were always one of my go-to bands.

I found an article that listed the most famous bands in every state and of course I had to check out all of the bands from our four-state area. And to no one's surprise, most of these famous bands are rock and rollers when it comes to their sound. Here are the most popular bands in our area.


ZZ Top made its way to the top of the rock charts this little old band from Houston ruled the airwaves and MTV in the 80s.


Flaming Lips are from Sooner Country in Norman Oklahoma. They have only one successful single "She Don't Use Jelly" it was a hit in the early 90s.


The Neville Brothers are from New Orleans and have many successful singles, as a band and also out on their own.


Evanescence is from Hot Springs Arkansas and this is what the Insider on Yahoo had to say about them:

Despite the goth-metal style that now defines Evanescence, they got their start as a Christian rock band after forming in Little Rock, Arkansas. In fact, their 2003 debut album, "Fallen," which produced hits "Bring Me to Life" and "My Immortal" and won the band two Grammys, was released during their religious days, reaching No. 1 on Billboard's Top Contemporary Christian chart.

Their breakout single "Bring Me To Life" has over 1 billion views and was featured on the Ben Affleck movie "Daredevil".



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