Majic 93.3 is so proud of our local black-owned businesses! For months now, we have highlighted a local black-owned business each week. This week, we are highlighting  DyReesha Chaplin Yoni Queens

For centuries, as women, we've struggled to find the most politically correct way to refer to our personal or "private area".  Well, I think we've found it, ladies. The word you're probably hearing more  and more frequently is "Yoni". And  ladies, there's a "yoni servicing" place fit for a queen, and it's called Yoni Queens did you know you can get your Yoni serviced....  here in Texarkana. The servicing spot

I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely DyReesha Chaplin, owner and operator of Yoni Queens. Yoni Queens is like a spa, per se, for the female reproductive system. 

Our yoni steam service brings a huge comfort to women and helps with fame issues common in women, like bacteria vaginosis, yeast infections, UTIs, endometriosis, and others. We take an organic holistic approach to providing complete revitalization of the woman’s reproductive system.

Yoni Queens offers various V-Steam services for individuals as well as groups. I think it's so cute that they have a Mommy & Me deal, that allows mothers and daughters to bond while V-steaming. This is totally something I would have introduced my daughter to if it was available then. I love that it teaches and promotes yoni health for females 8 years old and up in a safe environment that makes it ok to discuss female reproductive health.

I'm so looking forward to my appointment this week. If you would like a yoni spa day, visit the Yoni Queens website at and social media on Instagram at yoni_queenllc  and Facebook @ Yoniqueens 

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