Andrea Smith.....Known as Coach Cookie or “Miss Give me 15 more” is dedicated to helping  African American women, get active and reach their highest fitness and health goals! Beginning her fitness journey only 7 years ago, Andrea went from being overweight and out of shape for the majority of her life to being a certified personal trainer and coach sold out to helping women like herself reclaim their livesAndrea, a single mother and graduate of Texarkana College and Texas A&M University-Texarkana has worked for the Department of Family and Protective Services for 10 years. A true believer in spreading Black Girl Magic, with every “Give me 15 more,” she is dedicated to providing her clients with the BEST fitness experience including providing meal plans that promote healthy eating and combat poor habits and genetic-based health issues prevalent in the African American community. Helping women in the Black community live healthier... this week in Black History Month, we salute Andrea Smith.  

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