Today is National Sons Day, and I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about my son a lot. He is the APPLE of my eye. He did not want to move here when I came a little over two years ago. He stayed with his dad who does an amazing job with him, by the way. Leaving him was tough… and some days it still is. But I rest assured knowing that the first 16 years of his life,  I TAUGHT HIM HOW TO TREAT A WOMAN... and continue to. So moms, I want to remind you that you are either raising somebody's husband or somebody's headache. Dad can teach him how to be a man, but mama you teach him how to treat a lady. I started making my son take me on dates before he could open the door good. I taught him proper dining etiquette…(he loved the eating part,hated the lesson :) I made him practice both, European eating style and American eating style and how handed him the bill to take care of and tip at the end of the evening. I taught him to never everrrr allow a woman (date, sister, aunt, mom or otherwise) to walk on the side of traffic. And to this day, he will take a couple of steps ahead of me to make sure he grabs that door.

Mamas, your son’s first date shouldn’t be with some little girl. It should be with YOU. Not only do we set the standard for how he should treat a woman, but also for how he should expect to be treated in return. 

Mom’s with sons, we are special women! And we LOVE them boys! Issa holiday! Happy National Sons Day!

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