You will never drive a Bentley having a Pinto work ethic.

In other words,you can't purchase greatness with a mediocre work habit.  I grind every day and the grind don't stop. It doesn't sleep. Sometimes it doesn't eat. The very few people who know me here, and they will tell you that there are times, I miss out on the fun because I need to blog... I need to research... Or just prepare for the next day. So, I can't hang out every time there's a gathering because my work ethic won't allow it... because I'm in hot pursuit of greatness. Fortunately, I have people around me who understand.

So, please know, you reap what you sow. If you sow mediocre, you will receive mediocre results. However, if you discipline yourself and act as the postage stamp.... sticking to that thing til you get where you're trying to go, you will reap the greatness for that which you've sacrificed.

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