If you don't pass this test... regardless of what the test may be, you will retake it again and again and again until you do. Now that's only IF you're trying to get to the next level OR as the Bible calls it... the "Promised Land".

My test won't be your test. YOU have to do some self reflecting and evaluate your life to figure out what mountain it is you keep going around and around in circles.... repeating the same habits, getting in the same predicaments... involving yourself with the same people and getting the same results. I don't wanna call you crazy, but you do know that's the definition of insanity, right? "Doing the same thing the same way, expecting a change".

Some of you are just too nice... and when the opportunity comes around again for you to say no, you better pass that test and say, "No"! Don't let what's meant to be an 11-day journey take you 40 years to complete.   When the test is put before you again, pass the test and advance to the next level

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