Move at your own pace because you’re running your own race! Everything in life has a rhythm. You have to find YOUR rhythm.

You have to connect with folks who can catch your rhythm. I’m a “Let’s Go! Let’s get it” type of person. I don’t have patience for folks I gotta beg and plead with to get up and make something shake. We don’t share the same rhythm. It’s not a bad thing… We just can’t run together because we’ll both just grow frustrated. (continued below ad)

The same holds true for the race YOU’RE running. Don’t grow frustrated with yourself  because it seems like somebody is ahead of you. Let ‘em go! They’re running at their pace. Their race has nothing to do with you. Find YOUR rhythm. Keep YOUR pace, and stay in YOUR lane. Because at the end when it's all said and done, that medal has to have YOUR name on it.

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