Never fight a battle where there is nothing to be gained. See it for what it is… A distraction.  Sometimes I have to pause and I ask myself… "Keeta, will this add any value AT ALL  to your life? Will any of this even matter 3 years from now… a year from now…. 6 months from now?". Typically the answer is NO. So why does it matter if someone talks about you or "hates on you" (my least fav phrase) when they have nothing to do with your future.... Can’t add a day to your life or a penny to your paycheck? Small stuff to a giant. If your goal is to start your own business, what difference does it make somebody got promoted on the job but you didn't?  You’re headed somewhere. What. does. it. matter?!? Stay focused. Commit your time… your energy… your mind space and attention on your goals and dreams. And be Ray Charles to the BS battles that profit you nada.

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