Texarkana's R&B Royalty will face off in the very first TK Verzuz Battle this Sunday (January 31) thanks to producer, entrepreneur Ricky Blackwell, best know throughout as Sgt. B.Talk of a verzuz battle between Johndrea and Bazi began surfacing a couple of weeks ago when tensions rose between the R&B/Neo Soul divas on social media. The two have had the spotlight in the city ever since rumors began brewing of the them going head-to-head in a battle of the voices.

Me, being nosy and trying to figure out what the heck was going, began combing through comments on a since deleted Facebook live post. It was clear that the people/viewers thought a verzuz battle was the way to go. Now Sgt. B is making that happen this Sunday.

Not being from this city, I knew I would need to catch up with Sgt. B to get a nonbiased inside scoop on the TK Verzuz battle that everyone's anticipating.  And so, I did.  After a late-night session, he filled me in on how all this came about.

It wasn't my idea.  It was a lot of people's idea about the verzuz. I just made it happen. There was so much buzz around it... so much energy around it. I knew I was probably the only one to get them both to do it. Sgt shared with me in our interview.


The obvious next question was how in the world did he get two "divas" to set aside past and/or brewing beef to face off vocally while the city watches.

One of the ladies really wanted to do the verzuz battle; the other one I had to kind of had to persuade to do it. But I made it happen.


Both known for their soothing voices and sultry lyrics. There's no wonder the city's anxiously awaiting and watching Sgt. B's Facebook pagewhich is public for anyone to view and share content, by the way.

I spoke with Johndrea to get her take on the Verzuz.

This is big for the city! I think that this Verzuz is an excellent bus both! It will be a dope nigh of music, and I'm excited be a part of it.

She later posted what seemed to be a subliminal message to her fans & perhaps her competition....


I also reached out to Bazi for a quote, and she said she would follow up with me later.

To hear more about the versus battle, hear some hits from the two divas and/or to catch the "Keeta King/Sgt studio vibe is the full video with Sgt B.

Sgt. B described this TK versus as legendary, and I'm here for it! Please believe I WILL be front and center with my pearls on and my wine glass in-hand. Make sure you tune in Sunday night. The verzuz will kick off with a "TK mix" (I heard it-n EPIC) brought to you by THE Sgt. B at 7 p.m. The actual Verzuz battle will kick off at 7:30 p.m.

So, who you with TK?


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