They only had ONE HIT, but we don't have to WONDER where we were back then or what we were doing when we hear them.  I relate most things to music, as do most jocks. So after watching several episodes of Living Single on Hulu, I began reminiscing on all the things i loved the '90s, especially the music.  Now, I have love for my today's R&B, but I'm very much a '90s kinda girl living in a '90s kinda world when it come to my throwbacks.  So, I decided to take a Youtube trip down memory lane with my favorite '90s R&B one-hit-wonders riding shot gun. The '90s road trip turned into what you see below: A list of the Top 20 One-Hit-Wonders of the '90s.  So, buckle up, lets ride!

1. Something For The People


2. KP and Envy


3. Public Announcement


4. Ghost Town DJs


5. Sunshine Anderson


6. Lucy Pearl


7. Az Yet


8. Mokenstef


9. Pressha


10. Subway


11. Methrone



13. Ideal


14. U.N.V.


15. Rude Boys


16. Link


17. Playa


18. Intro


19. Solo

19. Mark Morrison


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