The 67th Annual Four States Fair and Rodeo kicks off today and the midway opens at 4PM. My stepson and I have had so much fun at previous fairs and this year is even more exciting because he is finally tall enough to ride all of the rides, I hope! Of course, that takes away my excuse when the ride is too scary for me.

I toured the midway yesterday to give you the inside look into the new rides and attractions since it is a new company providing the fun this year: Royal West Amusements Carnival.

There are new rides and plenty of fun to be had. I will have a whole new folder full of photos from this year too. Is it 4pm yet?!

Here is a tour of the midway:

What in the world is the cage for? Find out below:


We had so much fun at the fair in the past. Here are a few of the MANY photos I took in 2009 because that was Ethan's first fair.





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