There is a toxic plant that you will find in Arkansas and the surrounding area that is not only dangerous to cattle but to other livestock and humans as well.

This toxic plant Perilla Mint is native to Asia and the seeds are used in some cooking products and are even used for fuel. Perilla Mint also known as Chinese Basil or beefsteak plant has some really great uses. The seeds of the plant have been shown to have cardioprotective, antioxidant, anticancer, anti-diabetic, antiasthma, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The big issues that this plant is growing in our are that if it is accidentally baled up in the hay it can still be toxic to cattle. Here is how you can identify the Perilla Mint plant. The toxins in the plant will cause respiratory distress in livestock that eat the plant.

The plant is used in Asian cooking and is used by the Chinese to treat ailments and it is used as a garnish. But Perilla Mint is toxic to humans. This is what had to say about its dangers to humans:

Perilla mint plant is toxic, and the flowers are the most dangerous. Perilla flowers can cause respiratory distress syndrome. The Perilla plant has ketones that can damage the lungs through inflammation. It can also prevent the adequate exchange of gases. However, the plant is toxic only if you consume it in a high quantity.

Experts say the best time to treat your fields for Perilla Mint is in the spring because the plant is hard to regulate during the summer and fall.

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