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Nothing deep today… Many of us need encouragement right now. Me included. So friends/fam….PUSH THROUGH! SEE IT THROUGH! Remain dedicated despite deficiency…. Whether it's deficiency in your spirit.. .deficiency in your bank account… deficiency in your support system. SEE IT THROUGH. What don’t kill makes you stronger & prettier! The past 48-72 hours have been really rough… emotionally draining. BUTTTTT the fact that I woke up this morning was all the proof i needed to know that…. I didn’t wake up just to suck up oxygen…. I woke up because I still have things to do. DESPITE the deficiency, I must remain dedicated. 

So with that said… none of us are exempt from the hard knocks of this life… and we’ve had some bangers this year. REGARDLESS…. SEE IT THROUGH. As I’ve said before… it’s hard as hell to beat the person who refuses to give up. 

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