Bag Lady, You go hurt your back.... draggin all them bags like that. ....And bag lady, you go miss your bus. You can't hurry up 'cause you go TOO much stuff!

Of course those are the renowned lyrics from the lovely Erykah Badu, and they will PREACH on any given day! So, we're making a decision today NOT to carry baggage with us into 2018. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go! Heartbreak... LET IT GO. You're still Bitter Betty  about something he did in December of 2014. Immaturity.... LET IT GO. Now is not the time to be petty. You gotta be 'bout your business. We're writing books! We're getting degrees! We're getting promotions! Let that silliness go. Unhealthy relationships.... Too heavy. Let 'em go! False burdens.... stop carrying stuff on your back that you don't even have to. LET IT GO!

We all want to lose weight for the new year, which is great. But let's lose some bags going into 2018.

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