I have found that I am my most creative…. My most beautiful… my most loving…. when I am my most FREE. Whenever I cease to be inspired, can’t seem to tap into my creativity or view myself as anything other than beautiful and great and WORTHY,  I KNOW to check the condition of my spirit because something isn't quite right my inner man. And often times, that”s the one part we don’t take care of… don’t cater to... don’t dress up. We're all cute on the outside… hair done, nails done, but just grey, black & decaying on the inside. Attitude is bad... self-esteem is low. We’ll spend hours in the mirror but one spend 5 minutes meditating. Here’s the thing….. the cares of the world will clutter up your inner man and literally suffocated the life out of your spirit. Make a vow today to remove the clutter and debris and resuscitate your spirit being… BEGINNING with “false burdens," those things you concern yourself with that are really not your concern at all.

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