Every man swears he wants a woman who is a go-getter… who’s about her business… can handle her own and knows what she wants out of life. But do they really!?!?!

If I told my 17-year-old right now that he could have a Lamborghini, he’d want it, but that doesn’t mean he’s READY for it.  So a lot of men and some women,as well, who say they want those attributes in a companion, can’t handle them. They’re either immature or too insecure to appreciate what they think they want. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but I ain't (yes..AIN'T) ever met a “Go-getter” who has time to nurture someone else’s immaturity and insecurities. So, with that said… don’t get in relationships that require you to downplay who you are and/or that suck the life out of you. Relationships, friendships, etc should allow you to be great. They should add to you, not take from you.

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