What are you going to do with the next 10 months of your life? Because in a little less than 10 months 2020 will be HISTORY. Time is gonna pass if you do something. Time is gonna pass if you do nothing. Just know if you do nothing, you’re guaranteed nothing. 

However…. The beautiful thing about time is that it doesn’t discriminate. From the beggar and the billionaire, we all get the exact same 24 hours a day.  What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is how you choose to spend that time. Time is like money. We can spend… lose it… squander it off. We just can’t earn more of it & we can’t save it.  Stop spending a $1.00 worth of time on a .10 cent decision…. Something that won’t even matter this time next year. And don’t waste your time with people who waste theres. 

This year, if you don’t know it already, FIND YOUR PURPOSE and intentionally live up to your FULL POTENTIAL everyday. You’re not getting any younger, and just like milk….. We all have an expiration date. What you did with your time will determine your legacy. You got 9 more months. Don’t waste them.

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