If you ask anyone right now if they want to be successful… if they wanna be healthy, wealthy… if they want to lose weight and feel great, EVERYONE you ask will tell you YES, I DO! The problem is we live in a microwave society and nobody wants to go through the process. Everybody wants to ride the bus but don't wanna pay the toll.

Let me tell you something I've learned about the process…. THAT’S WHERE YOUR POWER IS. The process is where the boys are separated from the men. Its the battleground where blood, sweat and tears are shed. It’s that unappealing, bumpy road nobody wants to travel to get to their destination. But here's the thing... A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Although it doesn't feel good, just know the troubled water and turbulent sea is building you... growing you... purging you, and will not last forever. So don’t give up. Don’t you quit. Hold tight to the vision and trust the process.

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