Don't let anyone knock your potential Because buried inside of each of us are gifts that God put there... Books you haven’t written. Businesses you haven’t started. Clothes you haven’t designed. All things you were wired with the POTENTIAL to do. But sadly for many we’ll never read your book. Well never sing your song. We’ll never walk in your business because you’re either scared, procrastinating OR you allowed somebody to talk you out of your potential.

Myles Munroe explains “Potential” is untapped power..... everything you possess that is yet unused.
People’s opinions can never change the potential God put in you. That  underutilized or unused ability is there for a reason/.
Sadly..: One of the richest places in the world is the graveyard. Don’t let what you could be NEVER BECOME! The grave don’t deserve those visions, books, songs, dreams clothing lines etc.

Those of your Pearls Of Wisdom brought to you buy Crowned Culture Boutique.

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