Success comes with a cost and sometimes that cost is your relationships.

I'm a goal chaser. My vision wakes me up. So, sometime I can talk or text. Sometimes I can’t. There are times I can kick it. Most of the time, I can’t..... because I'm chasing something. When I play, I play hard, but I can't play often if I wanna get where I'm going.

The real ones in your life respect and understand that.  They're in your corner. It's like the lyrics of a song from my brother out here, Sgt. B.....

"Everybody's in click, but they're not in your corner."

As you're pursuing your success, take inventory of your relationships and KNOW WHO'S IN YOUR CORNER. Don't wait til success is upon you to determine who's real and who's not. Here's the brutal truth.... when you're successful, you'll win fake friends and true enemies. SUCCEED ANYWAY and let your discernment tell you who you can go and who can't.

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