Two Texarkana Bandits walked away last night with the NHL Stanley Cup after the Tampa Bay Lightening beat the Dallas Stars 2-0.

Tampa Bay Lightening's number 14, Pat Maroon, and head coach, John Cooper have TK ties. Maroon, who had a major steal that set up the winning goal, was actually coached by Cooper, former coach of the Texarkana Bandits back in 2005. What irony! Texarkana in this thang!

Cooper said in an interview that he knew Maroon had the potential to change the complexion of the team.

"He's a good teammate, and he knows his role, so he knows the minutes he's going to get," Cooper said. "I'd give guys roles and make sure they all know what they are, and he knows his. He's got character, and he is a character. It's two good attributes to have," Coach Cooper shared. 

Maroon also won the Stanley Cup last season with the St. Louis Blues.

"I've been fortunate to come back to the Stanley Cup Final, even though there's a lot of guys that play in the league for 10-15 years that only get one opportunity at this thing. I've been fortunate to get two whacks at it.

Coach Cooper recalls Maroon as a 17-year-old wo worked hard to drop weight to become the player he turned into, which is a 6-foot-3, 225 pound two-time NHL champion!

Watch Tampa Bay Lightening's celebration as they score the winning goal.



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