Tyrese has finally explained why he was acting so bizarre on social media the past few weeks. The R&B singer has been the subject of memes and ridicule following his online meltdown.

On Saturday (Nov. 11), Tyrese went on his Instagram page and posted an apologetic video about his behavior on social media. Apparently, the singer-actor was taking a prescription drug called Rexult to treat his depression but it had an adverse effect on him. In the clip above, Tyrese apologized for his behavior, and informed his followers that he’s no longer taking the drug.

"Because of this high stress and very traumatic experience I was advised then ultimately connected with multiple therapist and psychiatrist I had a few private meetings and this particular drug that was suggested although maybe helpful to others had an adverse effect on me and this is the reason I had a complete meltdown online," he wrote in another IG post. "I’m in the clear now, this is being flushed out of my system and I’m already to get back at 100%. Please don’t chalk this up as “oversharing” a lot of people were effected by what these meds did to me over these last 2 months and this is my public apology."

"I’m so very sorry guys - please guys just know again this is not the Singer, actor this is Shayla’s father........... This will NOT compromise my case," he continued. "This is transparency and honesty and more of a suggestion, please seek professional opinions when it comes to drugs especially psychiatric meds. We all need to be still and preset in the Lord and he will deal with your fights and reality. Praying for you guys, and Pray for me and my family. I Love You TYRESE."

This news comes after reports surfaced that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gave Tyrese $5 million for his legal bills and to stay off the internet. Apparently, according to sources close to Will and Jada, this isn't true.

Recently, Tyrese launched ShaylaRocks.com, an online web store featuring tees and sweatshirts with "Shayla Rocks" on them. Proceeds from the sale of the apparel will go to a fund that helps fathers as well as children get proper representation in the court system.

Check out Tyrese's posts above and below.

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