Vanilla Ice is still rocking the mic nearly 30 years after his big hit “Ice Ice Baby,” and occasionally, his shows can get a little rowdy. Case in point: TMZ has posted a dated video of a fan having way too much fun at one Vanilla Ice’s concerts.

In an October 2017 clip, Vanilla Ice is rocking the mic in Odessa, Texas, when he invited several people onstage to rap along with him. As Ice is doing his call-and-response (“Say fire it up”), a fan appears to be taking a selfie with the crowd behind her.

As she inches backward to the edge of the stage, she suddenly tumbles off the stage and fell into the crowd. Meanwhile, Vanilla Ice had no idea that a fan fell off the stage.

According to TMZ, the fan was okay, minus some scrapes and bruises, but security did come to her aid and walked her out of the venue. It’s unclear if she received further treatment for her injuries.

The incident wasn't Vanilla Ice's fault, but it's a cautionary warning to concertgoers to be careful when your taking selfies onstage.

If you want to watch the crazy video, watch below.


Meanwhile, Vanilla Ice will hit the road soon for a couple of spot dates in June, July, and August. To peep his itinerary in full, head over to

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