Buuuuump! Buuuuump! Buuuuump! Buuuuump! Buuuuump! Buuuuump! Waking up to that nonsense is a thing of the past. Now you can wake up every morning to Majic 93.3!

Our Majic 93.3 app's new alarm feature allows you to wake up every morning with laughter with the Steve Harvey Morning Show. It also allows you to set your alarm for 9 am to begin Jammin On The Job With Keeta King inside the Commercial-free Workday Kickoff!

Use our alarm app feature as you choose! It's as easy as 123:

First things first....

1. Download the new Majic 93.3 app for FREE

2. Open the app and click the Alarm Clock

3. Set alarm to go off for the time you would like

Your alarm will beep for a few seconds and roll over to our live radio feed with your favorite DJ. You also have the option to hit snooze if you need that extra 5 or 10 minutes of shut-eye.

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