A very faint minor earthquake occurred in the late evening hours on Tuesday, Oct. 11, on the southern Arkansas - Louisiana border near the town of El Dorado, Arkansas. El Dorado is approximately 88 miles east of Texarkana.

According to the website WeartherBoy, the earthquake occurred around 9:43 p.m. with a magnitude of just 1.3 with a depth of only 2 km. It was so weak a thunderstorm would most likely have more of a rumble than this quake, it was probably more of a grumble instead. Nevertheless, it was very rare because this region of Arkansas falls outside the New Madrid Seismic Zone which is located in the Northeast part of the state near the Arkansas-Missouri state line.


There have been over 25 earthquakes reported over the northern part of Arkansas within the last 30 days mainly across parts of Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. According to the Arkansas Geological Survey, hundreds of earthquakes have been reported throughout the state over the last several hundred years, with records going as far back as 1699.

Many scientists and experts believe the New Madrid Seismic Zone is due for another devastating earthquake but they don't know if it will happen tomorrow or 50 years from now. But it does seem like the region has become very active in the last several years as well as other parts of the country that are also experiencing more earthquake activity.

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