Don’t let fear paralyze you. Don’t let it stop you from saying what needs to be said… asking what you need to know... And definitely don’t let it stop you from DOING what it is you need to be doing. We're all human and being scared is normal. Heck if it wasn't for fear, courage wouldn't exist. Let that sink in... There would be no need for courage if you ain't scared of anything... !  So exercise your faith and JUMP. Now faith wont take away your fear, but it will allow you to exercise through your fight. And you gotta FIGHT for what you know belongs to you and yours. Sometimes that fight is mental... sometimes it's spiritual.... sometimes it's emotional...

But at the end of the day... the world belongs to the bold. Anybody else is a spectator. Do it boldly... do it afraid... but whatever you do.... DO IT!!!

There's a poem I recite and taught to my son. Feel free to use it when fear and faith go head to head. It is as follows:

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