One thing I’ve learned along the spiritual journey I’ve been on for a while now is this…. Everything is energy!  WE’RE ENERGY! If we were to be broken down beyond molecules and cells and atoms… we are energy!

Here's a fact about energy…. It can be neither created nor destroyed. It just changes forms. So, on this Friday I want to encourage somebody to take ALLL that energy you're spending on somebody or something that you can’t grow with and Spend it on the things in life that FEED YOU & will actually matter a year, 5, or 10 years from now. Utilize your energy as you would your money…. Don’t squander it or waste it on fruitless efforts.

LOOK: 50 essential civil rights speeches

Many of the speakers had a lifetime commitment to human rights, but one tried to silence an activist lobbying for voting rights, before later signing off on major civil rights legislation. Several fought for freedom for more than one oppressed group.

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