Ladies, always remember…. If you have a son, you are raising somebody’s husband. Please keep that in mind.If you let your son be lazy, he’s gonna end up somebody’s lazy man. If you never make him take ownership of his actions, he will definitely end up somebody’s headache. We have to raise our young men to be respectful, responsible, accountable, and to work for what they want. It’s not fair to any young lady to have to fix or live with the mess YOU created all these years.

Now I'm preaching a bit to myself as well because I do spoil my son. *Sigh* He's a mama's boy and this is our first time being apart. However, I am cognizant of the fact that I can ruin it for some young lady by not making him be a man. So since he was old enough to open a door, he was expected to do just that... for me, his sister, grandmother, aunts and really any woman he encountered. I used to make him take me on dates and those were our teaching moments to show him how to treat a woman.

This weekend... no matter what age, have your SON take you on a date & teach him how to treat a lady.


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