Your gift will make room for you, and bring you before great men. The problem is you keep downplaying your gift.

I’m guilty of this as well… Because certain things come so easily to you, you automatically think it comes easy to everyone else. Naw….. Ain’t nobody like you. Can’t nobody do what you do when you do what you do. And can’t nobody beat you being you when you’re … being YOU!  No cheap imitations or knock-offs. 

Don’t make light of your gifts.  You were pre-wired for it! Take me for instance… My Maker wired me for this microphone…. Before I could even utter a word… I CAME HERE WITH WHAT I NEEDED TO BE ON THE MIC… Just like the fish came pre-wired to swim and the frog was born with the ability to leap. You have a God-given gift and it's not to be taken lightly. Y

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