You can’t walk into what’s waiting on you because you can’t let go of whats’s holding on to you.

The ONLY way you can everrrr know the goodness… the peace…. The joy that’s set before you, is to plant one foot in front of the other one and move foraward.   How do you really expect to grab hold of what’s in front of you, when you refuse to release what’s holding you….. That’s your past! Like a seasoned woman told me…..

Baby, anything that’s in your past is just that..... IN YOUR PAST! And it's your past for a reason.


As Andrea 3000 said... "Spaceships don’t come equipped with a rearview mirror, they dip!"  You gotta know when to dip! Know when to  hold em… when to fold em… Know when to walk a way…. Know when to run! But in ALL your knowing, know this… the  first day of the BEST DAYS OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE are waiting on you to let go!

It’s a new season…. Can you NOT perceive it?!

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