Wutcha got it for? Wutcha holding on to it for? For that matter, what are you really holding on to??? This includes, but is not limited to, relationships, friendships, partnerships... both, professional and personal.  I guess the biggest question I asked myself is….. why would you take this into 2021 if you can look back over the past 12 whole months and see that it done nothing for you in 2020 but cause you strife and confusion. 2020 was the year to see what’s/who's working for you or working against you. And to be brutally honest, some of us have been working against ourselves...  hanging on to past BS, self doubt, negativity. Whatever it may be, I’m telling you…THIS is the year to be selfish about your time, your energy and your peace. You can begin by getting rid of everything that doesn't serve you. GO GET YOU BACK.

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