Majic 93.3 is so proud of our local black-owned businesses! For the next few months, we will highlight a black owned business each week. This week (week 8) we are highlighting Andrea Smith *AKA* Coach Cookie. 

Andrea Smith.....Known as Coach Cookie or “Miss Give me 15 more,” as some of her clients may refer to her, is a certified personal trainer dedicated to helping women get active and reach their highest fitness and health goals! Beginning her fitness journey only 7 years ago, Andrea went from overweight and out of shape the majority of her life to being a certified personal trainer and coach sold out to helping women like herself reclaim their lives.

During our interview, Coach Cookie shared her thoughts on the importance of taking care of your 'vessel'.

Your body is your vessel. You can't pour into your family, your job, or your future. If you haven't filled your vessel.

Schedule your consultation with Coach Cookie today. IT'S FREE!

Watch the video below to hear what one of Coach Cookie's faithful dance clients had to say about her.

A true believer in helping women regain their confidence and self-esteem, "Miss Give me 15 more,” is dedicated to providing her clients with the BEST fitness experience including providing meal plans that promote healthy eating and combat poor habits and genetic-based health issues prevalent in the African American community. 

She keeps her clients motivated and celebrated!

And shows clients how to have FUN while getting fit.

I don't want to spill too much tea too soon, but I will tell you guys to look forward to joining 'Club Cookie' really soon!

You an follow and/or contact her on Instagram at Coach_Cookie02, on Facebook at CoachCookie02 or by calling 903-500-6733.

To hear the full interview with Coach Cookie and to see a list of local black-owned businesses spotlighted by Majic 93.3, click the button bellow.

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