Who is Sha'Carri Richardson? I can answer that in one sentence... She is a black woman who's going to the Olympics at 21 years old and completely comfortable in her skin and confident in her God-given talent and ability. 

She's USA's current track sensation. Sha'Carri became a household name when she qualified for the Tokyo Olympics after winning the 100 meter race at the U.S. trials.

When Sha'Carri hits the track, she is full glam! Hair extensions, long lashes and even longer nails. Not only is she in the spotlight for her sprinting, she's also a hot topic for rocking different color hair, which has significant meaning to her. Sha'Carri told People magazine that her hair color is representation of her mood and she changes it quite often

The orange color chosen for the U.S. trials was inspired by her girlfriend who chose the color because it's "loud" and "dangerous," USA Today reported. Orange is my favorite color.... never considered it for myself, but I just might.

According to the Olympics' official website her hair is a way of expressing herself.

"The color is based off how I want to feel. Like the red puts me in a very dominating mood. And sometimes I feel that can be overwhelming, so when I need to calm down I have black hair. The black calms me and makes me blend in instead of being extra. "The blonde is for when I'm going home to Texas. Or I'll wear it when I am away from home and wanting to feel like home," she explained.

I can so relate! Who changes their hair more than I do? lol

WHO IS Sha'Carri Richardson?

She was born in Dallas, Texas and became a standout athlete at Carter High School. As a freshman at Louisiana State University, she made a name for herself winning 2019 NCAA title in a college-record 10.75 seconds, earning several awards and honors including and receiving the 2019 Bowerman award, the highest individual honor in collegiate track and field. After an amazing season, Sha'Carri announced in 2019 that she would be pursuing her life-long dream of becoming a professional athlete. And she didn't waste any time doing it.

Sadly just a week prior to the Olympic trials, Sha'Carri lost her biological mother. The circumstances of the death of her mother are unknown. However, her love for her grandmother became apparent when she melted into her grandmother's arms after winning the women's 100m race. Check out the video below.

I look forward to watching this young lady bring the US women's track The United States Women haven't won the gold in this event since 1996. It will change this year because a young Black girl with loud color hair, long lashes & long nails pursued her dream! She's a phenomenal. I can't wait to watch her!

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