As if 2020 hasn't been scary enough, it's officially time for Halloween. Fortunately, my children are grown, and trick-or-treating and Halloween costumes are a thing of the past! However, I do have friends who do have kids trick-or-treating age. So I try to stay abreast of Halloween trends, dos and don'ts for their sake. This year, the new thing is the purple pumpkin. What does that even mean? Halloween is just around the corner, which means kids are amped up about candy and costumes and ready to trick-or-treat. During your Halloween escapade, then purple pumpkin is what you want to look for because it signifies that the particular house supports trick or treating.

Now back almost 10 years ago, a purple pumpkin displayed on a porch was for epilepsy. Of course, COVID has given it a new meaning as its has so many other things in life.

Here are some other pumpkin colors too be on the look-out for Halloween 2020....

Blue Pumpkin Bucket means the trick-or-treater has Autism.

Teal Pumpkins displayed at houses means it is a safe house for kids that suffer from food allergies. This is the spot to stop out gluten-free and nut-free treats.

Please be safe as you take your kiddos on their trick-or-treating this year, and pay attention to your pumpkins.



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